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Sarah Soderlund


Forensic psychologist, author, photographer, musician, mother, fan of the unusual and macabre, the next female supervillain. This week’s guest on The Malliard Report maintains a schedule that could impress even the most dedicated of over workers. So let’s waste no time and dive right on into the fascinating world of Paranormal Sarah Soderlund.

Holding a long time (and almost obsessive) fascination with the strange and unusual, Sarah made it a goal to study what exactly a person’s paranormal experience is composed of. Currently a PsyD student in the field of psychopathy and neuropsychological studies, Sarah also holds a Master’s in Forensic Psychology, a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice and a Bachelor’s Sociology. Utilizing her vastly expansive background, Sarah seeks to “…conduct research within the field of parapsychology and forensic psychology that will allow those suffering from visual or audio anomalies that cannot be explained by rational science to have a place of refuge To help fight the misdiagnosis of paranormal activity and mental illness and to offer a helping hand and open heart to those in need of validation.”

Sarah’s mission (and discussion throughout the show) covers a number of topics that far too often people feel a sense of taboo when speaking about, even in this day and age; the paranormal and mental health. In the neighborhood of mental health discussions, is one that elicits many different ideas for many different people. People often fear that in seeking help for some form of mental health reason (e.g. depression, anxiety, etc.) that a stigma will be attached to them from that point on. This in turn causes people to keep from seeking the help they may need, creating more suffering. Also, like we have discussed many times before, people fear that having any association with the paranormal will label them “crazy” and again, may find themselves continually suffering simply out of fear of useless associations. Sarah continually urges the idea that this mentality needs to be broken, and that people should not be afraid to reach out for the help that they may need. In fact, it is urged to seek any help that you may need without any fear of repercussions. Please, do not let yourself suffer any longer.

This episode covers a lot of ground and very quickly, so trying to cover everything here in the write up would be pointless, plus it is way more fun to listen to right? After you listen to the show (or even while you listen, get your multi-task on!) be sure to keep up to date with all of Sarah’s adventures through her main website , follow her photography adventures here and of course you can follow her on Twitter @ParanormalSarah. Make sure to let us know what you think about this episode or any of the others in the comments below or via Twitter

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