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Dr Scott J Kolbaba


When we think of Doctors, the most common assumption is that they are some of the most rational and scientifically based individuals there are. A doctor should have a collected demeanor, approach everything from a logical standpoint and not venture into the realm of the weird right? But what happens when Doctors run into things and events that even they are unable to explain? This week on The Malliard Report Jim welcomes Dr Scott J Kolbaba to share a collection of stories and experiences that will certainly cause a sense of awe to say the least.
Dr. Kolbaba is a doctor of internal medicine that has been in practice just out of Chicago Illinois for more than 25 years and has been rated a “Top Doc” by Chicago Magazine. Originally graduating from Ivy Leagued Cornell with a degree in economics, Dr. Kolbaba quickly realized that the world of finance was not for him. While not being the biggest of fans of going back to school, he begrudgingly jumped back into the academic fold. Graduating with honors, he completed his medical degree at the University of Illinois, served his residency at the esteemed Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota and became a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society. With a background such as his, to say Dr. Kolbaba is a credible and reputable resource is almost a gross understatement; so when someone of his caliber shares an experience that branches outside the norm, people take notice.
The event that truly rattled Dr. Kolbaba to his very core, and turned his perspective upside down was one of what you might call divine inspiration. Getting the inclining from outside his scope of knowledge that a patient with unknown ailments needed a lung scan, he followed up with this feeling and it turned out that Dr. Kolbaba’s miraculous intervention was right and ultimately saved the life of the patient. Blown away and slightly perplexed by what had happened, Dr. Kolbaba began reaching to other doctors to see if he could gain some clarity on the event but quickly learned that he was not the only one with a supernatural tale to tell.
Dr. Kolbaba began compiling these miraculous stories from his colleagues, and this eventually led to the writing of his book Physicians Untold Stories. Premonitions, apparitions, miraculous encounters, and countless other unusual events fill his book and are all told by the experts and professionals themselves. “Meant to awe, instruct and inspire, these tales will convince even the harshest skeptic that there are things beyond the physical world and sometimes all we need to do is believe.”
This is a great episode, and it is fantastic to hear how this book came into existence, but Dr. Kolbaba also shares some of his favorite past times such as kite surfing and growing prize winning giant pumpkins. So go ahead and hit play and feel inspired. You can order Dr. Kolbaba’s book on Amazon here: or if you live in the greater Chicago area you can reach out to Dr. Kolbaba as physician here: and of course don’t forget to keep up with all things Malliard via Twitter @Malliard.