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Scott Tepperman
Had a great time, Jim. Enjoyed not being asked all the typical questions I usually get. Hope to be back on again soon! Thanks again. 🙂 Scott Tepperman

Scott Tepperman is formerly one of the stars of Syfy Channel’s Ghost Hunters International, the popular spin-off to the most successful paranormal reality show of all time.

Show Notes for May 8, 2012

5:42 Welcome to Scott Tepperman

6:05Over view of  Ghost Hunters International 

9:20 Go to karaoke song (sean paul temperature)

one play to investigate if you could…

16:05 3 dead or live if you would you investigate with?

17:45 Twitter and the impact it has on your life

22:00 Dead Ends Radio

26:39 Ghost Hunter vs Paranormal Investigator

31:13 Paranormal Unity

37:15 Hobbys that help you with your investigations