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Scott Wolter – America Unearthed


This week on The Malliard Report Jim welcomes a very special guest to the show; Scott Wolter. While probably most widely known for hosting the late A&E networks H2 television show America Unearthed Scott also holds great notoriety as a forensic geologist, being the president of Minnesota-based American Petrographic Services, and developing an entirely new field of science called archaeopetrography. Archaeopetrography is a scientific based process in which mysterious stones, artifacts, and locations are dated and studied so as to better understand their origins and meanings. Scott joins Jim to discuss, the fate of his show, his thoughts on certain artifacts, places he wants to travel to, Free Masonry, and problems with a lot of current “research”.

Originally garnering the attention of those in the right places, Scott’s 2009 History channel 2-hour special “Holy Grail in America” (Scott proposes the idea that the Kensington Runestone is credible evidence that the Knights Templar were operating out of the Americas more than 100 years prior to Columbus setting sail) quickly led to a full time series. America Unearthed originally launched December 21, 2012 with the theme of the episode being ancient Mayan secrets. Seeing as how the world didn’t end that evening, the show was able to run for a total of three seasons and covered an incredibly wide set of topics ranging from Montezuma’s Gold, to Bigfoot, Captain Kidd, Treasure hidden in the Grand Canyon, The New World Order, Giants in America, and much more. The show unfortunately met its demise, not for a lack of viewership (it was the highest rated series on H2) but rather because the H2 network was sold, and The History Channel deemed the show “too smart for their audience…” (gimmie more of ma pawn shows and big trucks!) and failed to renew the contract. Scott is currently working on a new project that he claims, if validated, is so ground breaking that it will re-write history as we know it. (Color me excited for this one!)

Scott brings his expertise and knowledge from many different fields (did I mention he is a high level Mason too?) to discuss what he thinks The Ark of The Covenant might be, and the potentiality of there being more than one, his opinion on certain celebrity Flat Earthers, research bias, and his fear of watching ancient sites and artifacts being destroyed by meaningless fighting of peoples. Scott provides a treasure trove of information and is very engaging. So go ahead and press play already.

To follow what Scott is working on feel free to check out or follow his Twitter @RealScottWolter . Let us know what you thought of this show (or any others) in the comments, and make sure to leave a review as well. Don’t forget to follow The Malliard and keep up with all the things happening within the duck pond.