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Scotty Roberts

Scotty Roberts
“Creative/Art Director, Illustrator, Designer, Rogue Historian, Rapscallion Theologian, Adventurer, Paranormalist, Photographer, Author and Writer

I am a designer, Illustrator and writer of fiction & non-fiction, occupationally hovering in the advertising ghettos of Minneapolis & Saint Paul, Minnesota. But that is merely the “normal” side of me. I have had an illustrious career that sometimes seems and feels more the stuffs of fictional characters than the down-to-earth roles I play in my day-to-day existence. I have been places and seen things that most people only experience vicariously through books, movies and other sources of the wild imaginative. Yet, I have been there, in those exotic, alluring, haunted places, experiencing what some might only find in the realm of their daydreams… or nightmares.

Being an academician, I maintain my pragmatic persona and a healthy skepticism. But I must admit that I have been touched by the mysterious and the metaphysical. In my adventures, I have found that Horror meets History, and the diaphanous world of “gods, demigods and spirits of the dead” – as 4th century BCE Egyptian historian Manetho said it best – is very real, ebbing and flowing, in and out of the land of the corporeal.”

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Show Notes for March 6, 2012

3:58 Welcome to Scotty Roberts

33:29 The Age-Old Questions, who am I? where do I come from?

43:38 Britt Griffith fired from Ghost Hunters International

48:11 Quick recap of the Nephilim