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Sean Dillingham

As we binge through our favorite shows, watch that go-to comfort movie for the 150th time, and curiosity scroll through the protagonists’ real life social media pages, we often find ourselves wondering what the actor life is like. Daydreaming about how we would be in front of the camera for the whole world to see. Working alongside people that we have been enthralled and entertained by. Forgetting that most of the individuals we love and love to hate through our endless streams have had to fight and claw to the position they are in. This week on The Malliard Report, we get a rare chance to pull back that curtain and see just how life as an actor really…plays out… with special guest Sean Dillingham.
Sean Dillingham “…has appeared in over 135+ commercials and 70+ films and 25 national television series. He’s had network television appearances on Operation REPO, Discovery ID, Buried in the Backyard, The NightShift, Longmire, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, This is Us, There’s Johnny, Yellowstone & Better call Saul! He has acted alongside Kevin Costner, Tony Danza, Jane Seymour, Patrick Duffy, Roger Bart, Don Ameche, Stacy Keache, John O’Hurley, Andre Braugher, Andy Samberg, Milo Ventimiglia, Bob Odenkirk, Aidan Quinn, BJ Novak, Ashton Kutcher and more. Sean has trained with the top Improv Theatres in the country including The Second City, The Groundlings, Upright Citizens Brigade and I.O. West. He also studied acting with both the prestigious Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute and the Stella Adler Studio of Acting.”

This is a fantastic episode because we are able to glimpse into a realm so few actually get to see. Sean also shares about how moving different places regularly as a kid can be difficult, the status of (or decline of) the entertainment industry today, and so much more. You can head over to Sean’s website or find at least one of his shows on your favorite streaming service. Also make sure to head over to for all of your show fix needs, and don’t forget to rate and subscribe through your favorite podcasting app. Join in on the live chat every Tuesday night at 9 p.m. EST.