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Sean Ras

ListenIn 1942 the Office for Strategic Services (OSS) began covertly planting military leaders and experts into journalism circles so as to influence the direction of public opinion through news and other forms of media under the code name “Operation Mockingbird.” This continued on “officially” until 1948’s passing of the Smith-Mundt Act. In essence the Smith-Mundt Act eliminated propaganda from media outlets, however, this seemed to be more of an attempt to prevent overt propaganda and completely forgot the more subversive attempts at subliminally reaching the public. In 2013 the Smith-Mundt Act was repealed under the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2013, and coincidently enough there was an increase in movies that romanticize certain elements and a major schism occurred in an already divided media.

Operation Mockingbird (like many other “conspiracy theories”) is a confirmed program through FOIA requests and happens to be one this week’s guest on The Malliard report’s favorite conspiracies. For this episode, Jim welcomes the likes of Sean Ras to the show. Sean is a fellow podcaster, conspiracy theorist, and all around hunter for the truth. Jim and Sean both got their start around the same time and share a mutual acquaintance that helped them onto the path that they both are on today.

This is a great episode that covers a lot of conspiratorial ground in a short amount of time. Sean shares his thoughts on the JFK assassination, Operations Mockingbird and Paperclip, certain popular conspiratorial, Texas based radio hosts, the Parkland shooting, 9/11, Chemtrails, and many others. Sean is very open about how his views have continually shifted as he learns more, and believes that many share the same views as him. So go ahead, hit play, and enjoy this episode already. To listen to Sean’s podcast head over to or connect with him on Twitter @seanras. For the latest in all things Malliard, and to subscribe to the newsletter go to or connect via Twitter @malliard.