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Shannon Walbran – Spiritual Guide / Interpreter

Guest: Shannon Walbran


Another excellent week on the Malliard Report, as usual! Live at the KGRA, Jim Malliard is the host of the Malliard Report, the Fastest Hour in Paranormal Talk Radio, and what an excellent guest we have on the show this week. Shannon Walbran is a Spiritual Guide and Interpreter, , best known for her work in various different fields that include journalism, film documentary, non profit, and even in radio and television work, and this week she’s decided to be our special guest to discuss a wide range of topics that include both serious discussions regarding her psychic gifts, spirituality, as well as not so serious discussions.

As usual in the first half of the Malliard Report, our host Jim Malliard likes to start off nice and simple, allowing listeners to get to know our guest on a more personal level rather than just them as a celebrated personality, and this week is no different when the discussion starts off with him apologizing to our guest, Shannon Walbran on the lateness on her end of the line, asking whether she took a nap before hand, or stayed up waiting for the interview. Thankfully, she had a lot of Hot Chocolate and tea at that point to join in on the discussion!

The best part of the first half though is where the topics range from a lot of personal themes with Shannon Walbran, especially on her views of how as a Spiritual Guide and how she wishes to help people learn how to hear their own psychic messages on their own, from their own respective guardian angels and such, Most notably though the discussion moved onto the first time she had learned of her gift, and how she learned to control it. Whether you believe in psychic mediums or not, long time listeners of the Malliard Report might find this discussion fascinating, especially when Jim Malliard moves the discussion towards his own personal believes, and how it feels to her when she receives messages. The most fun part of course being in regards to how Shannon Walbran receives a message herself in regards to Jim’s unwellness, and how she’s receiving messages on how best to treat him. Hopefully Jim Malliard listens to her advice, cause we do need him to be well!

Of course, halfway through the show we end up taking a break, and allowing listeners of the show to get up and grab a snack or such before returning, and the second half of the show is where Jim Malliard asks a lot of the heavy questions. Most notably after the break asking Shannon Walbran on her views on whether or not our modern lives in this day and age is helping us lose our connections with one another. Of course, Shannon Walbran believing that we’re not really, and in fact we might be living in a special age. Fans of the should, or first time listeners should tune in to hear her reasons why, as they might shock some of the listeners, as well as maybe having several of them agree, or even change their minds

Of course, the meat of the entire interview comes afterwards when the topics move from Psychic discussion, to various religions that our guest has an interest in, and what she see’s in them, with the discussion moving on to topics that include spirituality, religion, and both our guest and our Host’s thought on that, leading to the topic ultimately of the soul, and whether our life essence is eternal or not, as well as the concept of reincarnation.

All of that and more is on this weeks Malliard Report, and anyone who tunes in is sure to be in for a very special treat! As usual, while it’s the Fastest Hour in Paranormal Talk Radio, sometimes we just wish it to be a little bit longer. Thanks for tuning in!