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Sharita Star – Astrologist / Numerologist / Author


Guest: Sharita Star

Another excellent show this week on the Malliard Report. Our host, Jim Malliard does an excellent job showing why his show is the Fastest Hour in Paranormal Talk Radio, live at the KGRA station, and this week is no different when he introduces our special guest, Sharita Star. Ms. Sharita Star, as both our guest and host explains, is an Author of several books, and specializes in the field of Numerology, and and Astrology, and has a unique perspective over her chosen field of study and with her gifts that I’m sure many fans of the Malliard Report might find interesting. Certainly this week is both special and interesting!

As usual on the show, our host Jim Malliard sits down with our gust Sharita Star in the first half of the show to explain a wide range of topics that range from the comically interesting, helping us to get to know our guest a little bit better, asking her questions such as how she got into her current line of work, a little bit about her own personal history, and all that so we get to know our guest in a more personal level than simply as a personality. All of which might come as some interesting revelations to both fans of the Malliard Report, and fans of Sharita Star. All of this of course taking place before the second half of the show when we take a small break.

Coming back to the second half of the shows, as listeners of the Malliard report know, is where Jim Malliard really gets to the meat of the conversation and asks questions to our guests in regards to their profession. With Sharita Star, there’s a lot of ground to talk about of course. Mostly with her work in Astrology, as well as Numerology, and her interest in both of them, as well as the trials and tribulations she’s gone through in being an Author. Some of the more fascinating discussion of course is saved for later on in how she uses these skills to help other people chart a path to their own personal success. Not only that, but we also get a glimpse into what goes on when she uses these skills as a consultant to help people. Perhaps some of the more interesting discussion that fans might find interesting is when Jim Malliard and Sharita Star discuss her affiliation as a Radio and Television personality on her weekly shows “Empowerscopes”, heard through Empower Radio, and “Whats Your Sign? I have your Number.” as well, which is an interesting contrast between both our host, and our guest.

Of course, sadly things come to an end, and while the Malliard Report is the Fastest Hour in Paranormal Talk Radio, sometimes you just want it to go on a little longer. As usual, the show ends on a high note when our guest Sharita Star has to leave, and as fans of the show know, it only makes them look forward to the next weeks show. Thanks for listening though!