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Reverend Sherrie James – Paranormal Crisis Intervention Specialist


Guest: Reverend Sherrie James

This was quite the week for the Malliard Report, and a joy for anyone who enjoys the Fastest Hour in Paranormal Talk Radio when our host Jim Malliard brought on the wonderful Reverend Sherrie James, who is a paranormal crisis intervention specialist who specializes in assisting or intervening in challenging paranormal situations, and was invited to have a sit down on the show, and talk about a wide range of subjects and interesting topics that include how interconnected faith, and belief in the paranormal can truly be with one another. In fact, as our guest Reverend Sherrie James has shared with the viewers, she’s even been on the show before and is a friend to our host as well.
Which is what the first point of discussion between them both was about actually, regarding the last time that our guest was on the Malliard Report. Fans of the show usually tune in and listen to our host, Jim Malliard, talk with a good range of guests that range from skeptics, to demonologists, to paranormal investigators, but the tone of this show is set early on to be interesting, relaxed, and the occasional discussion, much like listening to two friends talk to one another as opposed to an interview, and this feeling only increases the longer we listen when our host discusses the hardships and triumphs he’s had when creating the very show we’re listening to now.
Still, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a whole lot to not listen to! In fact, any fans of the Malliard Report might even enjoy the views that our guest, Reverend Sherrie James discusses with our host in regards to a wide range of topics, including the interconnection of faith in a higher power, and the belief in paranormal activity together, and how well they go hand in hand with one another. In fact, a lot of controversial topics were discussed that invite the listeners in and to form their own opinions as well. A lot of the discussion also involved a lot of her own personal work, especially in regards to home exorcisms, and her ministry work and how as an ordained clergy member, she works with other people of faith.
No matter what side of any of the issues presented you may sit on, one thing is for sure in that this weeks show was one to remember. Reverend Sherrie James spoke in such an eloquent way, explaining her thoughts and opinions in a graceful way that was straightforward and simple that even if you found yourself disagreeing with her at times, it was well worth listening to. As it is usually with the Malliard Report, was another fun week that just leaves you looking forward to the next one.