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Sherrie James

“It was a pleasure to be on the Malliard Report.  As always, Jim made me feel comfortable and his intelligent questions made for easy transitions between topics.” Sherrie James

In various forms, it seems that religion and the paranormal have always dovetailed in Rev. Sherrie’s life.  Beginning when she was around 13-years-old, Sherrie began to study the Bible as well as the supernatural, parapsychology and myth.  She also accepted Jesus as her Lord and savior at that same age.  As she grew up, she continued to read and study in various forms about Christianity and about the paranormal for educational purposes.

One of the things that most sets Rev. Sherrie apart from many of those in the paranormal field is her academic credentials and professional experience.  Sherrie has an undergrad degree with a double major in Religion and in Writing.   She also has a Master’s in Divinity from Duke.  She has taken five units of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE), which includes a year’s residency as hospital chaplain.  While taking CPE, Sherrie specialized as a psychiatric chaplain, which sometimes assists her greatly in evaluating paranormal situations.  She also has volunteered for parapsychology experiments at the Rhine Research Center in Durham, NC.

Rev. Sherrie believes that God sometimes calls and prepares ministers to work with  specific groups of people, such as with youth, with those who are terminally ill, or with the homeless.   As one aspect of her general pastoral calling, Sherrie feels that God has prepared her for this particular ministry to help educate the paranormal and religious communities and to help those in paranormal crisis or peril.  As a part of being faithful to that calling, Sherrie took additional vows during her ordination service agreeing to act as an exorcist and healer as needed.  She is one of the few Protestant pastors ever to have taken such vows.

In addition, Rev. Sherrie is a first-rate paranormal investigator. Though she knows from experience just how real the paranormal and the spiritual world truly is, she also knows how easily people can mistake things with logical explanations as being something paranormal.  Sherrie has never viewed the spiritual and science as being enemies or as being in opposition with one another.  She considers God to be the ultimate Creator that often used scientific principles in the His creation to create order. Her belief is that humans as a whole simply are not advanced enough yet to understand everything about the paranormal or about the spiritual yet and probably never will be until after one dies.  So with that understanding in mind, Rev. Sherrie believes that it is not healthy or helpful when people do not attempt to debunk or do to not try to rationally explain things claimed to paranormal because many things actually have a logical or rational explanation and God can help us deal with the rest.

Show Notes for April 3, 2012 (uneven audio)

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