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Sherry Hopson – Psychic

Guest: Sherry Hopson & Phillip Housley

What a heck of a week we have this week on the Malliard Report. Jim Malliard, our host, showcases why the Malliard Report is indeed the fastest hour in Paranormal Talk Radio once more, this week offering us twice the fun in the same amount of time when he brings two special guests this week, Sherry Hopson and Phillip Housley. Each of them within their own section of the show, and both of whom also bring something interesting to the interviews with our host.

First up in the first half of the show is special guest Sherry Hopson. Who is mostly known for a lot of psychic work, including being an expert with the past lives of people, and works with them as well on their own personal Chakra’s, aura’s, and physical energy, combining both traditional psychic techniques with modern day technology as well.

In fact, in the first part of the discussion with Sherry Hopson, Jim asks about her work regarding past lives, and the process that she works, with our guest explaining and discussing fully her process, and even revealing that she was working on a book regarding it.

Afterwards though after discussing how she utilizes thermal imagining with personal aura’s and chakra’s, and how she gets involved in the process of past lives, our host Jim Malliard brings it down to a personal level, asking our guest about her own personal history and how she discovered her gifts. Sherry Hopson revealing that she started when she was young, though at first thought it was her imagination and didn’t really get involved with it till her 30’s when it all came back in a big way for her, with many paranormal events happening that she couldn’t explain starting out.

All of this culminating in the first half of the Malliard Report where Jim and Sherry talk about a wide range of topics, including thoughts regarding the accuracy of films depicting the paranormal and the spiritual world, and numerology that no fan of the Malliard should miss.

Coming back from the break though into the second half of the show, Jim Malliard introduces us to our second guest, Phillip Housley, who’s especially known as a 68 year old retired federal employee who’s studies astrology, and a big believer in meditation and all that.

Opening our conversation though, Jim malliard asks Phillip Housley about meditation exactly, and how long our guest has been involved with it, as well as its benefits. Longtime listeners of the show might find this part of the show interesting, especially if they’ve never considered meditation for relaxation before. Moving on from there, the bulk of the conversation moves forward into a bunch of various topics, some of it interesting, light hearted and silly, to other such heavy, and controversial topics as well. Most of it involving such topics as how our guest has used astrology to help with the prediction of future events from an academical viewpoint, and with a fair degree of accuracy, as well as discussing things regarding enlightenment, heaven, and the difficulty it takes to lead a perfect life to achieve both. The discussion with our second guest ends with an interesting discussion regarding the validity of the english translation of the bible, which is no doubt controversial as well. However, to open minded listeners of the Malliard Report, they’ll more than likely enjoy this segment of the show the most.

All in all, this week with both Sherry Hopson and Philip Housley ends on a positive note, and is definitely one show not to miss. As Jim Malliard likes to remind us all at the though, keep on quacking!