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Rabbi Sid Vineburg


Guest: Rabbi Sid Vineburg

Wow. Those are the only words that can truly be said about this weeks “Malliard Report”, and no doubt what a lot of people are saying after watching this weeks show. In fact, this one was perhaps one of the most educational shows that Jim Malliard brought to us, and by the end of the show the moniker “Fastest Hour In Paranormal Talk Radio” proves it itself as our host, Jim Malliard, brings out Rabbi Sid Vineburg as our guest, and has so much to talk about that he practically runs out of time near the end.

Now, our guest, the charistmatic Rabbi Vineburg has a lot to talk about on this show to the point that it feels more like an educational show this week. But boy is a lot of it fun to listen! Of course, whats the Malliard Report without stirring up a little bit of controversy though starting off? The first question our host asks Rabbi Vineburg is a politically charged one, asking him about his thoughts and opinions regarding the Marriage License lady, Kim Davis, and his thoughts regarding it. Boy, does our guest explain, as he says that we, and everyone else should be careful regarding the discussion as the constitution itself is not a religious document, and goes on to explain his reasoning.

And this sort of reasoning and debate pretty much dominates the entirety of this weeks Malliard Report as the discussion then moves back on track regarding the paranormal when Jim Malliard asks about how the world of the paranormal, and religion in respect to Judaism are intertwined. Rabbi Vineburg then goes on to explain the key differences between Judaism, Christianity, and even other religions and the history of the differences between, feeling more like a history lesson of sorts while also moving onto the Jewish view of the paranormal. Not only that, but he ends up talking about Jewsish beliefs and mythology that also include ghost stories, monsters, and a lot of what goes on in Mystic kabbalahic beliefs. Not one to skip a good discussion when he see’s it, Rabbi Vineburg then continues on to discuss more wide ranging topics that include Rabbinical law, and shows how the entirety of the first half of the show is dominated mostly by our guest explaining Judaism for not only Jim Malliard, but anyone else tuning in.

The second half of the show after the thirty minute mark pretty much becomes just as informative as the first half of the show as Jim Malliard asks a whole range of topics that include the Jewish view of the afterlife, and our Rabbi guest explaining how even within Jewish culture the views of the afterlife can vary from one believer to another, as well as discussion about Aliens. All in all, the entirety of the show for those that don’t know much about Judaism, or how Judaism and the Paranormal are connected, would find this one of the most enlightening shows that the Malliard Report has ever done. In fact, our guest barely gives a chance for Jim to catch his breath near the end, but all of that only goes to show us all one thing: That Jim really knows how to pick interesting guests to talk to. While the show might have come to an end too soon, next weeks show will prove to be just as interesting as the last. As usual, stay quacking!