“So I consider this smoking gun of the UFO issue”

Jim Marrs…. Uh, I’d often thought, because, you know, there’s always the argument, doesn’t matter what somebody says they saw somebody else says, well, it was Venus, sorry it was swamp gas, or it was just a balloon or it was some kind of a aircraft if mis identified or, you know, Blah, blah blah. And I’ve often thought, wouldn’t it be great if there’s really a well documented ufo incident before any of that manmade stuff was in the air that could be confused with it. And you know, what there was. And it happened just almost right where I’m living right now in north Texas. Hadn’t been 1897 and it happened in the little bitty town of Aurora, Texas, which is about 25 miles north west of Fort Worth. Okay. Uh, up in wise county, which is the county I live in right now. And, uh, it was actually fully covered in the newspapers, both the Fort Worth and Dallas Morning News, which is still in publications.

And the story in the newspaper said that, uh, this object, cigar, silver shaped objects, cigar shaped silver object, sailed over town, seemed to be sputtering, seem to be having some kind of problems. He kept lowering yourself to the earth and then hit the, a windmill or judge proctor and blew up and sending pieces all over the place. And then about the third paragraph of the story says, the pilot apparently was the only one on board. It was badly disfigured in the crash, but enough of his remains were recovered to show that he was not an inhabitant of this world. So here’s pretty good Ufo story that was documented at the time. And this was six years before the Wright brothers flew. So there’s nothing manmade in the air and don’t bring up balloons because yes, we’d had balloons all the way back to the montgolfier brothers, but they were always on tethers. They weren’t free floating or powered. First powered flight was the California era and it took off the same year. 1903 as the Wright brothers. So an 18, 97. There was nothing manmade in the air. So I consider this smoking gun of the Ufo issue,

Jim Marrs – investigative journalist

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