So what about Bitcoin? good? bad?

So this question comes out probably five months too late, but what, what do you think about Bitcoin,

about bitcoin? Oh, well, we are shifting gears. Yeah, I, I am, um, you know, I’ve been very involved in banking. I, I did work on Wall Street with a revenue stream is from. I have clients in banking even to this day, uh, and I’m quite interested in what is called the phenomenon of Fintech or how technology is affecting finance. And there are many fronts there that include cryptocurrency and blockchain and all kinds of innovation. So there isn’t, in fact much happening on that front. Um, and I do know the founders and some of the marketer marketing people at bitcoin and I think that there is obviously a very big market for cryptocurrencies, bitcoin being kinda lead or the first one amongst others and I think it’s a phenomenon that will have a fairly big impact over the coming three and five, 10 year cycle.

Ted Malloch

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