So what is going on with International Space Station and NASA cameras just dropping?

in my chat room. So I’ll wave hello to them. At this point, speaking a government lies. What about the International Space Station  magically cutting away or coincidentally his stream dropping or any of these key words that I can just say, hmm, why? That’s kind of funny. How that just disappeared.

I know. Well, you know, there’s stuff like that happening all the time. And what I love is it used to be NASA would, uh, would that make live broadcast from space station, from and from some of their orbiting stuff, you know, and then all of a sudden ufos are cropping up, so all of a sudden they cut the live feed. And then of course there’s several instances where you’re watching something while they, maybe they’re doing a, uh, eva and they’re out there working on the thing with the little lifeline hanging in there, you know, and everything. And then all of a sudden the background, you see these lives moving around. And Oh, the cuts feed, you know, no, there’s a lot of stuff going on that we’re not being told about it. And I don’t think that’s right. Keep in mind, number one, during the Vietnam War, I served in the US army in an intelligence unit. So I am. Well, I had a top secret security clearance. So, uh, among all people understand the need and necessity for some secrets, you know, you don’t want to tell the enemy exactly what you got and you don’t want to tell them exactly where you’re positioned. Everything you know. But Hey, it’s the secret. The thing has gotten out of hand. All right? And if we’re up there spending tax money doing stuff in space, we ought to be told about it, don’t you?

Great. And you didn’t put weather ball in space. I mean, we could just cover all this sure share this, the big ballon.

Jim Marrs – investigative journalist

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