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Sonia Brosz – Charismatic


Deep in the heart of Mexico lies a hidden power that has existed for centuries, where sorcerers and witches practice the ancient art of Brujaria for both good and evil purposes. These Brujos and Brujas are well-versed in the manipulation of power that they use to heal sickness, cast curses, or even kill! In a local village, a highly respected Brujo-healer is murdered by another Brujo, who inflicts a powerful and continuing curse upon his victim’s family. Help comes in the form of Sonia Brosz, a Charismatic and Spiritual Warrior experienced in doing battle with negative forces. Her spiritual partner in tow, Sonia travels to Mexico to free the family from the torment of the evil Brujo and bring peace to the area. But the evil they encounter is much stronger and more powerful than they imagined and it soon becomes a very real struggle of life and death.” While this may sound like the synopsis of a great supernatural thriller it is actually the true tale of one of the most harrowing adventures that this week’s guest on The Malliard Report has ever been on. \

Meet Sonia Brosz; a Maronite Catholic Charismatic with an acute sense of Spiritual Discernment. Utilizing her gift of Discernment, Sonia had been aiding others that are trapped in spiritual warfare for more than 30 years. Sonia is incredibly passionate towards those that are being tormented by negative entities and wants it known that help is readily available to those in need. Sonia’s many selfless acts of service can be seen through countless gestures like her incredible trip to Mexico (which inspired the aforementioned book), willingly taking on evil entities, and even offering her help for absolutely free just to ensure that people released from whatever may be tormenting them.

Sonia’s story in Mexico is an incredible story, and definitely worth the read. You can find her book through Amazon or many brick and mortar style stores, or you can request an autographed copy through her website . Her website also allows you to reach out to her if you need help in any way with any spiritual infestations and encourages people to not hesitate when seeking help. Her passion is easily conveyed through her story telling and definitely makes for a great guest. Let us know what you think about this episode or any of the others in the comments below, or via Twitter @malliard.


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  1. Guardian angels are not human souls, they are actual angels. Your loved ones are indeed praying for you and asking for God’s intervention and in that way, they too look out for you, but they are a soul, a ‘son’ of God. Angels are creatures, beloved, but creatures of pure thought.

    Level of trust within spiritual issues? Total trust. I have a secular ordination that keeps what you tell me and what I see in your home legally and professionally secure.

    All instructions for do it yourself home and personal cleansing and healing as well as haunted item removal are on my website under the link ‘DIY Instructions’. You can download that information in Word or PDF.

    I’d love to thank Jim Malliard for a great show, terrific questions and such a pleasant time as his guest. I’ve known Jim for a long time now and really appreciate his graciousness and kindness throughout the years. And BTW, Jim, I’d love one of your Duck Stickers! LOL Thank you so much for having me on.

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