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Spencer Hughes – Radio Personality


Guest: Spencer Hughes

This is quite the show we have this week for all fans of the Malliard Report. Once again, our host Jim Malliard shows off why his show is the “Fastest Hour in Paranormal Talk Radio” when he brings on a very special guest to talk about a whole myriad of subjects this week. Introducing our guest is Spencer Hughes, another radio personality much like Jim is himself, with his own show and everything. Long time fans of the sows know that when Jim brings on another professional in the same field as him, it’s always a joy to listen to the hard hitting questions asked, especially as they discuss their passion for Radio.

Of course, what sort of Paranormal Talk radio show wouldn’t be complete without first delving into the Paranormal side of things? First up in the first half of the show, Jim asks our guest Spencer Hughes a lot of questions regarding the paranormal, asking off first about what got Spencer involved in the paranormal to begin with, with our guest explaining that he’s always been rather interested in it, but it all had to start when he was younger and listening about investigations in such far flung places, including one that took place in a haunted Toys-R-Us store, as well as other things. In fact, the Toys-R-Us store haunting even leading him to get more involved, leading him to the cemetery capital of the world, and where the Toys-R-Us store itself resided.

Of course, this also led to the question itself on whether Spencer Hughes even did his own investigations, of which he has, explaining where he went, what evidence he gathered and all that all fans of the Malliard Report should listen in on. Of course, this also leads onto the discussion with Jim about aliens, and government cover ups and what our guest thinks of that as a whole.

All in all the first half of the show is mostly spent with both our Host and Guest discussing the paranormal and all, while we move onto the second half of the show where it mostly delves into the professional career of both of them. Jim Malliard asking Spencer Hughes such a myriad of topics that include his own experiences in radio. Of course, asking where to find our guest online, which Spencer Hughes happily tells us he can predominately be found at .

Not only that, but hearkening back to the first half of the show, Jim even asks Spencer if he’s ever listened to Paranormal Talk Radio, of which our guest admits he use to listen to Coast to Coast during the Art Bell era, of which he was a fan, but still listens to the George Noory era occasionally when the mood hits him.

Moving back to the topic at hand though, both our Guest and Host seem to enjoy themselves very much as they discuss various topics other than radio that include technology, staying relevant with growing and different trends in online Radio, and other such things.

Sadly, as usual the show does come to an end and we have to bid farewell to Spencer Hughes. However, listeners will no doubt leave this weeks show with a smile on their face at another well-done show. As Jim Malliard himself is fond of saying, stay quacking though till next week.