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Stephen Erkintalo


This week on The Malliard Report Jim welcomes Stephen Erkintalo to the show to discuss the future of paratainment and his new approaches to ghost hunting. Stephen is host and investigator for the newest paranormal show “Haunted Tours” on Amazon Prime.
In a field that is becoming more and more difficult to establish any sort of footing, Stephen sets himself aside by bringing a level shock to the field of paranormal investigating that has yet to be seen. Armed with a Ouija tattooed on his chest, a larger than life personality, and a propensity for showmanship Stephen takes one of the most interesting approached to paranormal investigating to date in hopes to gather new evidence in proof of the paranormal. During the first season of “Haunted Tours” Stephen has used his own blood along with ashes from a deceased family member on a Ouija board, spent an extended time laying on an active set of train tracks, and in season two plans on being buried inside of a coffin all in hopes to garner evidence not yet seen.
This begs the question however of what really is the state of paranormal investigating? As it seems as though the sun has set on the field in the eye of the general public, it appears that paranormal investigating has once again taken residence in the “underground.” With many teams publishing their evidence on alternative mediums such as YouTube, and like “Haunted Tours” utilizing Amazon Prime, the big time syndicated investigations have all but disappeared. (With the exception of few more commonly known shows) So will this allow for more organic evidence to once again make its way to the surface?
You can catch up on all of season one of “Haunted Tours” through Amazon Prime and to keep up to date with Stephen you can follow him on Twitter @ErkintaloS. For all things Malliard make sure to head over to to share the report, sign up for the newsletter, and keep up to date with all the latest guests and episodes. Connect with Jim via Twitter @Malliard for the latest information and to even request future guests.