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Steve Surfaro


The safety and security industry has got to be one of the most rapidly evolving and wildly varying industries around. Safety and security can be an incredibly broad term that covers everything from personal identity information to protecting information and data that is critical to national defense. From security cameras to data breaches, and everything in between, this week’s guest on the Malliard Report is on the front lines of defense. This week Jim welcomes Steve Surfaro to the show to discuss the current state of security in the public sector, how the consumer sector is out pacing the commercial sector, and even how the paranormal field is driving advances in security. (It’s the Malliard Report, of course there must be something paranormal worked in!)
“With thirty years of security industry experience, Steve Surfaro is Axis Communications Industry Liaison and Chairman of the Security Industry Association’s Public Safety Working Group. He is also Chairman of the ASIS Security Applied Sciences Council. A subject matter expert in physical and cyber security solutions, he has expanded nextgeneration video codecs, forensic video, predictive and prescriptive analytics, data science, IoT, smart cities, security automation and UAS, UGV systems. He is author of the Digital Video Handbook, a DHS S+T publication providing guidance for law enforcement, fire and other first responders. Steve is the recipient of the Roy N. Bordes Council Member Award of Excellence from ASIS International”
This is a fun episode that takes a unique topic and makes it incredibly interesting. (Who knew that there is a Python variant that practically writes itself?) You can follow Steve over on Twitter or For all things Malliard, head over to for merch, past shows, and the live chat every Tuesday 9 P.M. EST. Remember to rate and subscribe through your favorite podcasting app.