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Steven Johnson – Seer- Medium


Steven Johnson

Imagine for a moment you have the ability to peer into the future: Visions of events come to you that hold a cryptic message of possible impending calamity, and you have to try to piece together this collection of thoughts and convey what you are seeing. Would you take these dreams and coincidences for face value, or would you use them as a sort of symbology for something else? How would you go about spreading these messages you are receiving or proving that what you saw came to fruition? These are the plights that this week’s guest on The Malliard Report has to face and overcome.

This week, Jim welcomes special guest Steven Johnson onto the show. From his home on the other side of the great big pond to the east, Steven is a self-proclaimed “cheeky guy” with high level connections and a very special gift. Steven is a “seer”; an individual that through supernatural insight, is able to see what the future holds. Steve has successfully predicted a number of large scale events, and has many highly educated and prominent people scratching their heads wondering how he does it.

Almost immediately Jim dives right into the heavy part of the interview and questions how Steven has acquired such high level accomplices over the years that are able to validate his work. Steven unabashedly admits that he will pursue anyone that he believes will benefit from this information and that will help him share it with others. Interestingly enough, Steven points out that there are a number of broadcast restrictions put into place to keep his information from being put in a sort of “real time” fashion. He states that (at least in regards to BBC standards) any information that can be construed as “frightening” to the general public will not be allowed to air. Due to these restrictions in place, and the questionable weariness of the general public, Steven has been forced to take up his own method of documenting his visions; and that method is email. Email may seem a bit unconventional at first, but it is one of the most fool proof methods. While notebooks and journals can easily be dismissed, every email has an electronic time stamp affixed to it. This time stamp is unalterable and at times, irrefutable.

The conversation does not slow down a bit as it segues in to how the visions come to Steven, and what all he has predicted thus far. Steven Johnson states that the visions do not come to him in one large, singular event but rather in bits of dreams and odd synchronicities through everyday life. Steven then begins to put the pieces to the puzzle together and tries to sort out what it is that the cosmos may be telling him. In his first vision (or series of events) he began talking a lot about New York (even though he had never been) having dreams of a Boeing jetliner. Not long thereafter, the events of 9/11 transpired. He also points out that when the odd synchronicities and numerology begin to happen around him, he begins to pay attention to dreams and thoughts, and that these are also indicators that something is soon to happen.

The show continues on at a break neck pace (staying true to the moniker of THE fastest hour in paranormal talk radio) covering many different topics such as Steven’s predictions for the 7/7 bombings, the attacks in Paris, a tragic railway accident, and the odd set of events tied to his interview on Coast to Coast AM. (There is even a cat that makes an appearance!) Not only is this a great show, but Steven Johnson also shares an anecdote that is sage advice to live by in the world of fringe that we so fondly pursue: “A story with no evidence is just a story.”