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Tabby Malliard

After all these years, we’ve gotten to know the voice of the great Jim Malliard quite well. We know his foray into the paranormal. Struggles and achievements in the world of maintaining a podcast for more than a decade (and the strange cast of characters he keeps around to help with it), and even some of his interests and hobbies outside of life behind the mic, but very, very rarely does the curtain blow enough in the ethereal breeze that we get a true peek into the world of the “duck master” himself. This week, the breeze of destiny just so happens to be working in our favor with Jim’s featured guest, and that curtain is blown wide open. This week Jim welcomes his better half, the one and only, Tabby (Mrs. Duck Master) Malliard.

It has been eight long years since we have had the absolute privilege to have Tabby on the show, and this week we finally break that much too long absence. Tabby joins Jim to share some insight into what a day in the life looks like. From overcoming some serious health challenges, taking on a menagerie of pets, to even just the chaotic day to day life that comes with having kids, we get to hear about it all. Tabby has a truly fascinating story to tell, especially about when her and Jim first got together. (Imagine going on your first date with someone to only have to tell them in a few days you have to undergo a life altering surgery) This is fantastic episode and a privilege to be able to have Tabby on.

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