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Tabby Malliard

The Malliard Report is a virtual live show that airs on Tuesday nights at 9:00 pm Eastern. The show is hosted by Jim Malliard, with his son and daughter as regular guests. This week, the focus is on bringing the family together for 2022 and giving them a break for the rest of December. They talk about the cold weather coming across the country and how to stay warm during it.

The speaker and his wife discuss his son’s experiences with the paranormal and his daughter’s love for animals. The speaker explains that he wanted to share these experiences with the listeners to add value and provide context for why things are the way they are around their home. The speaker and his wife then discuss the importance of responsibility and how it teaches their children.

The speaker and Skyler discuss the responsibility of taking care of animals, the emotional support that animals provide, and how the cycle of life is represented in taking care of them.

The interviewees discuss the importance of Skyler’s radio show in terms of his being able to express himself and be heard. They talk about the difficulty of getting him into a good school, but how Skyler is doing well now that he is in a cyber charter school. They mention that one of his teachers was impressed with him after listening to the show.

So a big, like going to investigate this whole dumpster diving phenomenon, culture, I guess recycling kind of thing would mean us driving an hour and a half somewhere. So Jim doesn’t appreciate it when I look at him at 1000 at night and I’m like, let’s go dumpster diving.