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Tammy Hopler from Spirit Chasers – Paranormal Society of Northern Virginia


Tonight on The Malliard Report, we talk with Tammy Hopler from Spirit Chasers – Paranormal Society of Northern Virginia. Tammy is a rare case in the paranormal field, she set out to disprove all of the things she was hearing, she was a skeptic from the start until her first night investigating. That night left her with more questions than answers and led her to form her team.

Tammy found it hard to talk to people about her paranormal investigating she could only talk to very like-minded people, but as she was able to start talking more open about it. She also discovered the challenges this field brings to someone who dives head first into it. Jim and Tammy also talk about a hitchhiker incident. This was new to her because the first time it happens it was her very first case using her new tools and instruments.

Her learning experience of how to deal with it and the ways to get rid of it. In away this covers some of the dangerous sides of this field that people don’t realize when they think they can jump into this without a bit more research. She goes on to explain her feelings on sage and how it should be used. She also goes on to talk about her experience with demonic and nondemonic happenings. Overall it’s a long process for her team to truly decide what is going on or “infestation” of a home. She also goes on to say that demonic cases for her team have been extremely rare.

They are another team that has different guidelines on which cases they take first, and Tammy has found out she has a bit of sensitivity in herself to be able to tell if its a human or non-human case. How her team functions is a bit unique as well because her team is Christian based. She goes on to explain about the different blessed items her team uses. So, be sure to listen to this episode of The Malliard Report for a different view into the Paranormal world and investigating. Be sure to check out The website for Spirit Chasers as well to learn more about Tammy and her team.