“that’s not the craziest  theory I’ve heard.” Oak Island

let’s get into Oak Island. Now. I’m prepared fully to blow your mind about this. Okay. I’m ready. Oak Islands. It’s the shape of a duck.


Well, my last name is malliard. Did I pointed out to somebody once and they went, no, it isn’t, and I said, well, bring up Google and look at it from above. And they just about lost her mind. Okay. This doesn’t surprise you. Apparently you’ve already noticed this.

So you’re saying that the people that are up there now or ducked.

No, I’m just saying it’s pretty cool. Yeah, it looks like a duck. Well, it’s kind of a wild, wild phrases. Wild goose chase.

Are you allowed to say duck?

No, I’m allowed to now. Just depends on what people hear later.

That becomes an issue, right? Like a play. I’m sorry. Okay. That’s okay. If the shape. It’s the shape of a duck. Okay, let’s, let’s go with that. Yes. It’s a shape of a dock. Okay. So I, I think now this is just me that, you know, they need to investigate that a little bit because it kind of. Well I think you need the heart of the duck. I don’t know where the heart of it. I don’t know where the heart of the duck is, but I think we need to find it because I think that’d be one of the money is  interesting. Interesting. So, so they should look at it as a doc and they should go for the heart. Right?
Just throw in my two cents crazy theory under because I’ve seen some crazy
it. Next time I see Marty and rick, I’m going to mention that, that uh, when they did, when they tried to figure out where to spend the next million dollars, um, to, uh, to, to dig that, uh, Jim is saying go for the heart of the duck. There you go. I mean, what else can you do? I mean there’s some idea that that’s not the craziest  theory I’ve heard.

Robert Clotworthy

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