The 9-11 Cover up with Roger Stone

Is that part of some government cover up versus just the government judicial process dragging its feet?

I think it appears to be part of the judicial process, although there has clearly been a systematic cover up. What’s Ironic, of course, he’s the key figure in that cover up is none other than Robert Mueller, who as FBI director fails to investigate the report of five men training at a Sarasota, Florida flight school, uh, the who seemed to have an avid interest in learning how to take off, but no interest in learning how to land. There are multiple reports from the Florida Department of law enforcement to the FBI about these strange men, but no investigation ensues. And then after the fact, the FBI locates the local society family who had been harboring the men, but they have disappeared in the night, left the country, leaving everything behind. And then of course Mr Mueller signs a report which we now know to reach for our July saying that that Saudi family had no connection to the 9 11 plot. That’s demonstrably false. So the coverup of Saudi involvement and most likely Saudi government involvement. So he royal involvement, um, you know, it’s still an evolving story. It’s really only thanks to the heroic efforts of Florida Senator Bob Graham that we know as much as we know now, we had to fight tooth and nail to get the congressional report on 9 11 declassified. So we could learn that yes, this plot was supported by our quote unquote allies in Saudi Arabia.

[02:40] Do you think we’ll ever know the full backstory?

[02:44] Uh, it, it’s doubtful because you still have a dominant mainstream media that is committed to the big lie. Um, it’s Kinda like the assassination of John f Kennedy where the government continues to insist to this. We, Harvey Oswald Killed Jfk and acting alone. The majority of Americans don’t even believe that they’ve been able to figure out that that’s false. But the government’s official story of course refuses to change. And so it will be with nine slash 11. The fact that the members of the bin Laden and family were flown out of the country. And when your service was denied to all Americans, when essentially all airports, commercial and military were shut down, the bin Laden’s were being shuttled out of the country. I, uh, at the orders of President George W Bush, I think this is because they’ve been bin Laden family and the Bush family had done an enormous amount of business together. This is all called in my book. The Bush crime family. Go to the section on 9 11. I think you will find that chilling.

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