The Battle For Pennsylvania, Which side is better!>?>!

 I was just sitting here thinking that me and Fitz are both from Pennsylvania and sometimes we’re speaking completely different languages. Wait, what do you mean by that? Well, we were on the opposite sides of the state and there’s a whole different dialect.

Oh, you’re right. There’s A. I mean, linguistics for years I’ve studied the philla, well, they called it south eastern Pennsylvania dialect region, but there’s also the western Pennsylvania dialect region and uh, they are, they are different in many ways. It’s English and people can basically understand each other, but there are definitely differences in pronunciations and the lexicon. And again, this was more Natalie’s field. I can scratch the surface of it in a, in a forensic linguistic analysis, but uh, I would sometimes turn to Natalie a if I want to, you know, dive, uh, you know, a deep into a rabbit hole somewhere in about someone’s very nuanced feature and now they write or pronounced a certain word or they can tell a lot about them and certainly the roots of their, uh, of their upbringing and where they learned their particular dialect.

James Fitzgerald and Natalie Schilling

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