The CIA killed JFK? any truth to this old story?

So, well, recently there’s been a big push to get some more of the JFK files a declassified. Now having seen what you’ve seen, the effect will ever get declassified. All of them.

It doesn’t, it doesn’t matter if they’re declassified or not. She Oswald, except everything that’s going to be released as part of the deception. Now, very few people in the CIA at the time, and I’m talking about early sixties and fifties, knew about Skorzeny as a covert asset and even left, knew that he was linked to an assassination capability. I don’t know what the number would be, but it must be certainly less than 10. And this is for operational security. I would think now that being said, the people that set this in motion, and we can talk about motors a little bit, why this was done and how it took place, but you know, the modern CIA, the people today, the contemporary CIA, they’re just following the instructions that were laid down many years ago concerning the, um, the, the maintenance of classification and the redaction and material. So they don’t know if I, it’s my belief, okay, I can’t confirm this, but I would think they don’t even know about Skorzeny.
Same. Um, I think this, I think the use of auto scores and it’s the people in the archive are, unless they are kind of discourse and taking the, the men in the scores and papers are such a high level of government that I suspected that um, the modern agency does not even know what’s in my book simply because it was that compartmentalize. This was a cell based operation. These are, you know, these types of operations. And I talked about command and control and spoke to him about the implementation and use of what is termed executive action, which is the foreign leader of fascination. I mean, these are highly sensitive operations, highly complex, well beyond the venue of the normal intelligence staff. So it would not be fair to say the CIA killed Kennedy. That would not be a correct statement. What would it be? Correct. Statement is a small staff and we’re speaking historically a small staff.
I’m basically found in James Angleton’s, counterintelligence division and a division d which was run by a man named William William Harvey, that a small staff knew about the scores and network and, uh, and its capabilities and that, that capability to only be used on a very high, uh, authority, uh, through a very formal process. Just like using a, let’s say, an atomic bomb. I think I even make that analogy in the, in the, in the book, you know, a killing a foreign leader, which is why these, this capability was developed in the first place. Is A, uh, is extremely, uh, hazardous. And you know, you could upset Geo political inside a war. It’s a geo politically, it’s a, it’s a very risky thing and so the use of it has to be, would be a presidential order has to come from the very highest jcs joined from the Joint Chiefs. It has to come from the highest authority. This is not some low level thing. This is not like the elimination, some double agent that perhaps, uh, the field offices couldn’t. He could handle this, this, this is different. So,
um,  in the end, I think it makes, you know, the United States government may be just as surprised as the American public when they fully realized what this book is done and what has, what it has exposed and the evidence behind it.

Ralph Ganis

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