The Future of Radio? Internet Radio?

Jim Malliard: Let’s talk about radio as it sits right now as a broad spectrum. Is it’s me? I mean, I read all these things about some people think it’s still growing and other people think it’s starting to decline, where are you on this argument about radio?

George Noory: Well I think terrestrial radio is going to be around for a long, long time. But there are other elements out there now that I think are very exciting, I mean, that allows broadcasters like you to be able to broadcast to a group of people who would love the subject matter, and I think that’s refreshing. I think that’s important to everything that we all do; but in order to succeed today in what I would have called the mainstream radio a few years ago, we have to adapt, and we have. We were one of the first radio shows to put in Skype lines for people to call in. We took text messages – nobody was doing that when we were doing that. Art Bell was the one who evolved websites for this radio show before anybody else ever did that. So, you need to stay in technology a little bit ahead of the game, but you have to be ready for it. Twitter and Facebook – everything is part of that package now, and I think we’ve adapted to it pretty well. But I think for other shows, whether they’re on radio or simply the internet, they need to they need to try to adapt to all of this or they’re not going to succeed.

George Noory – Legendary Radio Host/Personality

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