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The Malliard Party

It has been over a month since the American Presidential Election has taken place and we still await an “official” answer on who will be the next individual to take the seat. Lawsuits from several states are being drawn up for a multitude of different reasons, and even now (at the point of this writing) the state of Texas is currently suing other states for not acting fast enough. Alleged voter fraud, ballot harvesting, counting issues and so much more. While this draws people into so many different directions, teams, viewpoints, and the waters are continually muddied, one thing has been made very clear. America is divided and the current two-party system has failed us. The fact that we only have a two-party system shows that we have failed politically. What is needed is a refresh of ideas, of procedure, of people. What if there is a third option? A legitimate third party. A Malliard party. Ass, Elephant, Duck. Is Jim planning a 2024 run?

While no formal announcement for a Whitehouse run will be made on this episode, Jim opens the phone lines ask the listening audience where they see things heading, and what should be done. This episode provides a great insight into the political temperature and what people really want. Not what we are told we want.

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