The National Park Service has its dark secret is revealed.

I need to stop you for a second just to be really clear about this. The national park service does not keep a list of missing people?

That’s correct.


They have a large contingent of national park police that are trained at the federal law enforcement training center these guys are better trained than most police officers in small and medium size cities in the U.S and the idea that any police department that you could walk into that their chief wouldn’t have a list of missing people on his desk within 30 minutes is ridiculous and I doubt that any chief would stand for, and missing people are a high priority item, its one of those things that you just gotta know and the national park service according to many of the best investigative journalists in the U.S, they do know but they wont admit it and they wont give up the list.

See I’m just imaging that there would be a wall of pictures even or information about these people posted so people could look for them.

Absolutely and many of the police departments in the U.S have a website and a link with photos of missing people and most if fact all of the investigators I know, they want publicity on missing person cases they want the faces of those people in front of the public as do the family and relatives, but the national park service is that anomaly- they don’t want those faces out there in front of the public they don’t want the public to know who’s missing on their property and they don’t want them to know the circumstances.

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