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Paranormal Author and Radio Personality Thomas P. Fusco


Guest: Thomas P. Fusco

We got one heck of a show this week on the Malliard Report. Once more Jim Malliard shows us why his show is the Fastest Hour in Paranormal Talk Radio, and this week he shows it off why he earned that moniker with all that was talked about, and running out of time near the end of the segment. The Malliard Report’s guest this week is Paranormal Author, and now Paranormal Talk Radio Host Tom Fusco, who’s joining with us this week to talk about a myriad of different subjects that are both enlightening, heartfelt, and even very personal to him as well.

Starting off though Jim welcomed Tom back to the show, since he’s been on previously about five or six other times, but what Jim Malliard really wanted to say to Tom was to thank him for letting not only him know what he was doing in regards to opening his own show. Of course this leads to the question of whether or not Tom Fusco has been enjoying his time doing radio and getting everything set up. To which our guest explains that he has, but also explains the reasoning behind his decision to create his own Paranormal Show as well. While the first half of the show, as always, is light-hearted and playful in tone, there’s always the hard-hitting questions that Jim likes to ask in between the fun. The next question being serious of course when Jim asks our guest if Paranormal Radio is fizzing out, since there hasn’t been as much action within the last few months and some other shows even had to close down. Tom Fusco of course agreeing, and his answer seemingly the most plausible reason why: As interest in the Paranormal starts to die off, people naturally move on even if the hardcore fans of the Paranormal stick around. That doesn’t stop our guest though from explaining what he plans to do with his new show though since he’s never been a fan of popularity or fickle fans to begin with. As he explains he wants to make it a serious show for serious people, and discuss serious topics without catering to people he doesn’t have to.

Naturally Tom Fusco’s strong opinions come out, and any fans of the Malliard Report who’s listened to previous shows with him can attest, the man knows what he likes, and knows that he doesn’t suffer liars or fake people well. This of course led to part of the reason why he wanted to make his own Radio Show to begin with, and leads to the heart-felt, sad story of the second half when Tom recounts issues he’s had with other people in the Paranormal field. Names of course won’t be named, and for those that want to know our guests side of the story will simply have to listen to the show. But it should be reminded that there’s always two sides to the story, the last 30 minutes of the Malliard Report this week definitely has Tom Fusco’s side of it.

All in all though, it’s been a very interesting week, and as usual the show does come to a close, once more showing why the Malliard Report is the Fastest Hour in Paranormal Talk Radio. Still, it’s been a good week, and there’s no doubt that our guest has a lot of well wishers who want to wish him luck, Jim Malliard included. So until next week – Keep quacking!