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Thomas Fusco – Paranormal Author


What an excellent show we have for all of our viewers this week on The Malliard Report. Once more, Jim Malliard, our host, shows off why his show is indeed the Fastest Hour in Paranormal Talk Radio as he brings on our very special guest this week, Thomas Fusco.

Now longtime fans of the Malliard Report might recognize that name from shows past. In back, he was even on the show not to long ago, with Jim mentioning that our Paranormal Author friend is doing a back to back interview, and that this appearance actually marks Thomas Fusco’s 8th time on the show as well, making him the most prolific guest and the most interviewed in Malliard Report history since it’s inception. And that clearly shows with the type of discussions that both our host, and our guest bring to the table as they show that this show is an interesting one for all fans. In fact, Jim Malliard asks right off the bat whether or not Thomas Fusco believes that the field of Paranormal can be considered a religion or not, especially given how prevalent it is, and how it’s treated. Naturally, our guest is a little thoughtful in responding, but he shares his opinion, with Mr. Fusco explaining his thoughts that for that to happen, we’d have to define exactly what religion is, and see if it fits the criteria. For all fans of the show, stating off this early with the hard hitting questions should give some pause to consider what that would mean, and whether or not they agree or disagree.

And it doesn’t even really stop from there either in terms of intense discussion as the conversation swiftly moves on towards Religion overall, and the discussion of bibles, and other holy texts from around the world and how they all fit into a modern setting, especially with our advancements as a species when it comes to scientific advancements as well. Not only that, but since the ancient texts are old, and in a lot of cases older than a lot of languages that they’re translated into today, Jim takes a moment to ask a question from the audience about whether or not Jesus’s real name is indeed Jesus or not. While Thomas Fusco explains that he’s not a biblical scholar by any stretch of the imagination, Jesus’s name has been Hellenize through the Greek and Latin languages before becoming anglicized eventually into what we under stand now.

Of course. What Malliard Report wouldn’t be a Malliard Report without questions regarding aliens, and government conspiracies of course? All of this gets discussed as well as the previously mentioned Religions discussion, and more, with near the end how our host Jim asks about our guests newest book, and where to find it. Thomas Fusco letting not only Jim, but everyone else listening in that the newest book can be currently found at along with other things as well.

All in all, sadly our hour has to come to an end. In fact the discussion was so thorough, and so fun that even our host and guest continue to talk well until the ending credits of the show, and presumably, afterwards. But, as Jim is fond of saying, looking forward to seeing all of our listeners again next week, and as usual, keep quacking. But because of the date that the showed aired, have a safe, and fun Halloween as well!