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Those Conspiracy Guys – Kurt Cobain


The long painted caricature of conspiracy theorists being nothing more than a group of people wearing tin foil hats that bunker down in fallout shelters is becoming a thing of the past. The idea is quickly being replaced with a more contemporary notion of people questioning the often sketchy narrative that is presented before them. While the practice of shouting scare tactics by some has yet to fade quietly into the night, this week’s guests offer a fresh approach to an often delicate subject matter: Verifiable facts with a heavy dose of humor.

This episode of The Malliard Report reaches out across the great pond to Ireland. More than just the originating point of dark beer and banshee lore, it is the home of Those Conspiracy Guys. Launching their podcast in 2014, Gordon and Paul set out to dispel the stereotype of overly serious, poorly referenced, and angrily presented ideas that call proverbial “b.s.” on the questionable narratives given in many different stories. Utilizing a litany of verifiable resources, Those Conspiracy Guys take a humorous, yet inquisitive approach to not only the heavy conspiratorial topics such as MK Ultra, Jim Jones, and the Aurora Colorado shooting, but also dig into the more paranormal subjects like Ouija boards, ghosts, The Mothman, and werewolves.

During the interview, the breadth of conspiracy topics covered is far from narrow and all equally intriguing. From the events that first drew both Gordon and Paul into the conspiracy world (for Gordon it was 9/11, while Paul’s was Sandy Hook) to the lesser known theories that involve Princes Diana’s death, the mysterious circumstances surrounding Kurt Cobain’s suicide, and even the Lost Cosmonaut theory. But not without a few inappropriate jokes peppered in here and there for good measure too.

While 9/11 and Sandy Hook are common staples among the conspiracy circuits, a number of the aforementioned theories may raise a few eyebrows in regards to where exactly the “conspiracy” stems from. While by no means an exhaustive overview the following is a quick snapshot as to why there may be some questions posed against the narrative that was presented during the time of these events.

Princess Diana – The Princess that was loved by the world for her humanitarian efforts and philanthropy was met with her tragic demise in the Pont de l’Alma tunnel in Paris France on August 31, 1997. The story initially presented was that driver Henri Paul, while heavily intoxicated, attempted to flee pursing paparazzi and wound up crashing into a pillar, killing himself, Diana, and Diana’s romantic interest Dodi Fayed. Following her death, questions began to arise regarding the methods used at the crash site, interviews of Diana referencing being “bumped off” bubbled to the surface, and allegations of a potential pregnancy with Dodi all lead to the speculation that this may be more than just a tragic accident.

Kurt Cobain – Whether you liked their music or not, there is no denying the fact that Nirvana changed the very face of music and MTV culture. Seeing a meteoric rise to fame with the album Nevermind, Cobain quickly became the poster boy for generation X. Riddled with depression, heavy drug use, and disdain for the limelight Cobain retreated deeper into himself eventually leading to his demise via self-inflicted gunshot wound. Or so the story goes. With tales of Courtney Love’s near maniacal manner of wanting to be the one in control of all elements, toxicology reports that showed nearly impossible intake levels of heroin, and the bizarre manner in which Kurt’s body was found quickly lead to speculation that his death may not have been at his own hand.

The Lost Cosmonauts – If the theory of the Lost Cosmonauts is true, it would change history in the fact that Yuri Gagarin was not the first man in space, but rather the first man to survive space. The theory claims that during the height of the Cold War era Soviet Space Program a number of cosmonauts met their end due to a number of varying (and tragic) set of circumstances, and were never reported outside the classified elements. While some fell victim to the extreme temperatures of re-entering Earth’s atmosphere, others left Earth’s orbit and never returned.

This episode is bound to elicit a good laugh or two while providing information on a subjects that you may not have considered. So go ahead and press play and do not be afraid to question what is put before you.

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