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Tillie Elvrum

At this point it is no surprise that the last two and half years has driven change and created new platforms in which people live and work. The work environment looks nothing like what it did just three years ago. To accept such a drastic change is challenging enough, but to become the norm is an entirely different ball of wax. But that is where we are now. Companies can exist with employees working out of their offices and bedrooms. Along with that, the educational systems have had to overcome the exact same trials and obstacles the work forces encountered. For years, colleges have allowed people to earn degrees without even setting foot upon a campus. So why has it taken this long (and an event of this caliber) to make that shift into primary education?

This week on The Malliard Report, Jim features a guest that has taken on this challenge head on, but from a totally different viewpoint. It is one thing for schools to put into place the infrastructure to accommodate virtual learning, but what about the parents? Just like working from home, learning from home is a skill that many people were forced to learn, and learn quickly. Jim’s guest Tillie Elvrum made it her goal to do just that. To work with parents and children to get the most benefit out of their virtual learning experience.

“Tillie Elvrum is an education advocacy pioneer with experience at the state and national level. She founded Elvrum Consulting after two decades of education reform and school choice advocacy. With a background in communications, early childhood education, and personal experience as a parent advocate, Tillie specializes in grassroots organizing, parent engagement, school choice policy, and innovative education models. Tillie previously served as President of the National Coalition for Public School Options Board of Directors where she led a network of advocates in 30 states. She worked to advance policies that would increase educational opportunity for students in statehouses across the country and on Capitol Hill. She currently serves as President of the Colorado Coalition of Cyberschool Families Board of Directors and leads the Parent Support for Online Learning initiative. She previously served as a board member for the Ohio Coalition of E-School Families and as board treasurer for Ohio Connections Academy. Additionally, she serves as an advisor to Spark Mindset, Inc. — a social enterprise company for cybersecurity education and training.”

While a lot of us have adopted a lifestyle around this from home system, Tillie certainly has created methods that make it much easier. If you are struggling with it, or just wanting to try and make it better for yourself, or your child check out Tillie’s website For all thing Malliard, make sure you head over to where all the past shows, merch, newsletter signups, weekly live chat, and much more can be found. Remember to subscribe and rate the podcast through your favorite podcast app because it really helps the show! Connect with Jim on social media @malliard