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Tim Leonard

Everybody has genesis to their passion journey. For some, it is seeing a musician play an instrument or piece that absolutely captivates them. Other may be enthralled by the grace and moves of a dancer or inspired by an athlete that causes themselves to push their very own limits. Sometimes inspiration comes from the most unusual sources. One could say this week’s guest was inspired by a single piece sheet metal, and that piece of sheet metal has turned into a successful sports marketing team. This week Jim welcomes Tim Leonard to the show.

Tim Leonard is the head of Leonard Motorsports Marketing. Sports marketing is something of an unusual genre of business. Most sports marketing is usually done by mega companies attaching themselves to team/sport uniforms or having an elite player wear a particular item while on the court or pitch. This most often involves absurdly large amounts of money that most of us simple folk would not even begin to fathom. However, motorsports seem to be the one outlet that a “regular” person or smaller company can access. For a relatively (compared to some other sports) small fee, a company can get their logo out on a professional car/bike/etc, for an entire community to see, and this is exactly what Tim does. Tim is the catalyst for those wanting to get themselves out there, and he’s darn good at what he does.

Tim has an amazing story to tell of overcoming some serious personal obstacles, to building a successful marketing firm that he continues today. Want to get your logo/company/name out there? (Heck, if you want to help sponsor a Malliard Report car) reach out to Tim through their Leonard Motorsports Marketing social media platforms. For all things Malliard, head over to for merch, past shows, and the live chat every Tuesday 9 P.M. EST. Remember to rate and subscribe through your favorite podcasting app.