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Time Travel

Live Call In Show On Time Travel

The Malliard Report

Jim discusses Time Machines and shares his thoughts on how they would work and what would happen if you change the course of history.

How far back can you go with Time Travel?

What would time travel do to contemporary religion?

What are some of the benefits of traveling to the future?

If you travel too far into the future and the earth no longer exists, what will happen?

Can you time travel in a trance state as well?

Jim’s Final Thought: I would like to take a moment to thank all my listeners, I don’t like to call you all that because I consider each of you my friend, as you are aware my beloved grandmother passed away this week and the support given to me from all of you was incredible and meant the world to me.. Thank You.

Stay tuned to the final thought next week for a contest announcement!

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