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Todd Tavolazzi – writer

With a current estimated death toll of over 250,000 and more than 11 million others forced from their homes, the past four and half years have been a bloody and tumultuous time within Syria. What started as pro-democracy protests in March of 2011 due to the arrest and torture of a group of teenagers that had painted revolutionary symbols on a school, quickly escalated into outright conflict. Following an event where security forces overseeing the protests opened fire on demonstrators, hundreds of thousands took to the streets across the country to show their disdain for the growing mistreatment. As expected in these flashpoint environments violence quickly escalated into all-out war. By 2012, full civil war had erupted across the country from Derra all the way to the capital city of Damascus and Aleppo. Today, as the loss of life continues to grow and our news feeds are filled with refugee talking points, a story is playing out with little to no mainstream attention. This week’s guest on The Malliard Report takes an interesting and novel approach to bringing attention to the children that are suffering through this crisis and the unrecognized investigative journalists bringing this information to the forefront.

This week on The Malliard Report, Jim welcomes distinguished guest Todd Tavolazzi to the show. While Todd’s background as a current Officer and helicopter pilot (with time on both the MH-53 Super Stallion and MH-60 Sea Hawk) in the United States’ Navy is quite impressive and show worthy in of itself, it is not the reason for the interview. In addition to his military career, Todd is an author that has decided to take on a topic from a stand point that has very little recognition, and in a way that is somewhat unusual. Todd’s book (Looking Into the Sun: A Novel of the Syrian Conflict) follows seasoned foreign correspondent Angus Conn who has seen just about every type of calamity there is. While on scene for the Syrian Conflict, Angus finally encounters something that shakes him to his very core. Seeking to front a humanitarian effort to rescue the besieged children of Al Waer, Angus will risk it all to see his efforts through. Drawing upon his background in political science and personal knowledge of the conflict itself, Todd is able to weave together a story that is not only intriguing, but eye opening to the daily struggles that the children and families suffer with daily.

With great insight to the Syria situation, a heart for philanthropy, and a story with a peculiar set of coincidences that occurred during writing, Todd’s interview flies by and the hour is up before you know it. Go ahead press play and see why The Malliard Report is The Fastest Hour in Paranormal Talk Radio.

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