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Tom Conwell – UFO Researcher

Guest: Tom Conwell

What an excellent week we have this time on The Malliard Report. Once more Jim brings us a good show and proves why his show is the fastest hour in paranormal talk radio. Especially considering he has with us special guest, 68 year old UFO researcher Tom Conwell.

In fact it is pretty much what dominates the entirety of the hour that we have with our guest when Jim and Tom Conwell start to discuss everything that is Alien centered. Granted, starting off we have a bit of technology problems getting the show to start, but that’s only within the first 4 seconds of the Malliard Report, and we get started almost right away. One of the first discussions though that Jim Malliard has with our guest is how he got his start. What was it about UFO’s and Aliens that fascinated Tom Conwell into devoting his time and energy to it. Of course, our guest wastes no time in discussing his humble beginnings, how it was his aunt taking him to a showing, as well as borrowing books from his local library that piqued his curiosity that built into his current lifelong passion. Also due to our guests age, he also talks about Roswell and his memory of what happened that day when it did happened and reading it in the paper, not knowing how it would have ended up at the top of Alien conspiracy theories in later years.

Thankfully though our guest developed this passion. Especially so since the meat of the conversation that comes to dominate most of the hour we have with him revolves around his research, and what kind of UFO researcher he is. Starting off he discusses how he believes we’ll finally be introduced to Aliens in the future (With Jim of course putting in his two cents), and the sort of questions he likes to ask, as well as questions he will always avoid asking. The biggest question being about an individuals personal abduction story, feeling that it might be too personal to discuss as well as other various reasons that guests of the program are welcomed to listen in on, and discuss whether the agree or not with Tom Conwells reasons.

But the best part of the show comes near the center when the entirety of the discussion Tom Conwells side of things and he discusses his research that he’s conducted on Alien sightings, UFO sightings, as well as the various different types of crafts that are seen and all. All of this culminating in how they all are put into different categories based on craft shape, craft size, and other various different factors as well. In fact, Tom Conwell even keeps a map that he keeps all of this tracking information on.

Sadly, the hour comes to a close, and pretty quickly at that. Which is sad to happen as with usual guests on the show we tend to love having them around and wish we can learn more about them, and the things that they do. For those new found fans of Tom Conwell though, luckily he can be reached through e-mail, or at his facebook page at

Still, in the end while we leave on a usual high note, Jim Malliard does like to share his final thoughts with all of his fans and listeners, and this one isn’t something anyone wants to miss. Afterwards though, as usual, keep quacking and we’ll see you all next week!