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Tracy Moore – Psychic Medium


If you have listened to The Malliard Report for any length of time, then this week’s guest will be no stranger to you. On this episode, Jim welcomes to the show Tracy Moore, better known as “The Pixiebaby.” While we may have heard her name countless times over, we have yet to be given the opportunity to get to know the individual offering the welcoming toadstools to pull up and share our tales within this crazy adventure.

The Pixiebaby, a nickname given to her the day she was born (there is a funny story about her not believing her mom about the origins of the nickname until she was in her teens) is an identity that Tracy has adopted in her adult life. Tracy is an artist, empath, medium, intuitive, poet, author, and pursuer of curiosity. Tracy offers her services as a medium and spiritual cleanser in addition to working as a sort of “coach” to help others in their journey of honing and discovering their intuitive abilities. Sharing her frustrations with the Hollywoodization of mediumship, Tracy vents about how it is irritating when it is portrayed as something that can be turned on and off, and how untrained/misuse can result in severely unwanted repercussions.

In this episode, Tracy is also very open about the struggles she had to face as a child growing up in a repressive type home environment. Coming from parents that were dismissive of her abilities as a medium, Tracy initially found difficulty in accepting who she was but has since embraced it and now makes it a goal of hers to help others that may be struggling with similar situations. Tracy also applauds the era in which we live with the abundance of resources that are available to everyone. People are able to reach out and connect with similar people, research and chase their curiosity, and grow stronger as a community.

Tracy’s message of positivity and a wide range of interests certainly makes her a standout guest on The Malliard Report and a welcoming voice in a tumultuous time. To keep up with Tracy Moore’s latest news, blogs, art, or to book her for a session, head over to and don’t forget to let us know what you thought of this episode, or any of the others in the comments below or via Twitter.