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Trip Elix


“Consumers ought to have clearer information, not opaque policies and complex click-through consent pages. The tech industry has an obligation to respond to widespread and growing concerns over data privacy and security and to restore the public’s trust. The status quo no longer works. Moreover, Congress must determine if and how we need to strengthen privacy standards to ensure transparency and understanding for the billions of consumers who utilize these products.”

“If you and other social media companies do not get your act in order, none of us are going to have any privacy anymore. That’s what we are facing. We’re talking about personally identifiable information that, in not kept by the social media companies from theft, a value that we have in America, being our personal privacy, we wont have it anymore.”

While these, along with many other scathing words, were launched at Mark Zuckerberg by congressional members as he shifted and squirmed in his little booster seat, one could not help but scream in agony at the palpable hypocrisy of the entire situation. The very same members of Congress that continue to allow organizations such as the NSA, and CIA to openly spy and illegally collect personal data on its citizens lectured the social media giant for four hours on the “dangers” of allowing data to be so free and accessible. Only in America (a place that brags about unprecedented “Freedom” by its citizens) can a case of irony so stupendous in size like this play out.

This week on The Malliard Report Jim Welcomes back Trip Elix to the show to discuss the three ring circus that is the Facebook Congressional hearings, Zuckerberg himself and much more. Trip Elix a former hacker turned author and personal advocate has started the campaign to help people keep their information out of the distributing hands of the large data mining companies. Stating that “I watched the internet evolve; I witnessed unparalleled innovation and creativity with a leveling of sorts. The story of the individual making a difference for humanity is what the net is all about. It was why Tim Berners-Lee left his creation it to the world. Equally common people now have a platform, and ability to share with others, though the vision of Zuckerberg. After the invention of Facebook countless other services came online. It created the platform and a movement for the world to follow.” Trip urges for a more free and secured internet, but like many of us, fears the Orwellian dystopic nightmare that we continue to race towards.

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