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Tristan Rimbaud – Psychic Medium


Guest: Tristan Rimbaud

On this episode of The Malliard Report Jim welcomes psychic medium and author Tristan Rimbaud. Incredibly driven and passionate about his ambitions, Tristan spared no expense at pursuing his dreams and at the ripe age of eighteen packed his life into his car and headed west to the city of angels. In 2001, during his tenure in the fashion industry, Tristan had a paranormal experience that not only awakened an unknown pursuit but also changed the direction of his life. Over the years Tristan Rimbaud has been able to hone his abilities into the successful medium and author that we see today.

Controversy is no stranger to those that find themselves within the paranormal interests, but even among the fringe lie levels of skepticism towards certain subjects. One of the most divisive of said elements is that of psychic mediums. Individuals that are able to channel spirits, peer into the future, connect with residual energies, or maybe all of the above; have garnered a level of dis-trust and lack of credibility for a number of different reasons. In a recent Twitter poll posted by Jim, 62% of people claimed that either they out right did not believe in mediums or believed that only a possibility of them could truly exist. There are a number of different reasons for the public’s lack of belief and this week’s guest does a great job at addressing these issues.

Following the introduction, Jim kicks off the Q&A session by asking Tristan Rimbaud what is the best way to help make the “little voice inside your head “ more pronounced. Tristan explains that one of the effective methods for clarity is to rid your mind of daily distractions. Things such as work, bills, and just life in general have an innate ability of clouding our minds, and keeping us from being able to tune in with what may be around us. Tristan explains that the more relaxed that our minds are, the easier it is to become in-tune and develop our intuition. He also insists that one of the best things that anyone can do is to become more educated on the subject. This is incredibly wise advice and can be applied to any curiosity or pursuit one may have.

The questions continue and Jim asks how Tristan Rimbaud comes about his predictions in addition to what Tristan foresees happening in the year 2016 and any revelations for The Malliard Report. While the insights are incredibly interesting, we’re not going to give them away here; you have to listen to the episode for those! Jim continues to pepper Tristan with a litany of questions, but only towards the end of the show does the elephant in the room get addressed: Why is there such a dis-trust towards the idea of psychic mediums? Tristan explains that he believes that a number of issues have lead to the negative impression. The most prevalent issue is that many people have had a negative experience with a medium and this is often attributed to the lack of ability in the medium. All too often a number of the psychics are more of a hobbyist rather than a professional. Tristan uses the example of a first year medical student attempting to due a complicated plastic surgery. While their intentions may be good, their skill severely lacks and can end up causing more harm than good. Secondly he notes that saturation of psychic trends in television and popular culture has watered down the field and inadvertently caused a decline in credibility. Sounds like a common trend does it not?

Tristan Rimbaud is an absolutely fantastic guest and handles Jim’s barrage of questions with ease, and with the inclusion of the 2016 predictions the bumper music is queued up before you know it. So do yourself a favor, hit the play button already and get to hear the predictions for 2016, how Tristan balances the ideals of religion and being a medium, Jim stump the guest with a question he has never been asked before, and why The Malliard Report is The Fastest Hour in Paranormal Talk Radio.


Make sure to drop by to read his blogs, purchase one of his books, (he has a new one scheduled to drop real soon!) or to schedule a reading of your own!


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