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“Light is the force of reclamation stewarded by the power of creation. Light is nothing less than life itself.” If light and life are one in the same within this great cosmic mystery that we tread through, then would it not be advantageous to work within the light? This week on the Malliard Report, Jim’s guest Ty Majestic does just that. Ty is an advocate and practitioner of light work and is doing his very best to help spread the awareness and positivity that he himself seeks.

After an encounter at a young age with an inter-dimensional/extraterrestrial being, Ty was commissioned to be a light worker, and has since made it his lifelong passion to fulfill this role to the very best of his ability. Being a light worker often finds itself surrounded by a shroud of confusion; not by the worker themselves but rather those around the individual. People often want to lump light workers into a religious category, but light work is much like the term “spiritual.” It means many different things to many different people, however, when boiled down to a simple premise, a light worker is an individual that wants to make a difference in the world and make the world a better place.

Actual assigned light workers are a different breed of people all together. Light workers are old souls. In fact, to be a light worker, one must have been through this crazy journey of life at least 144 other times. The goal of these light workers is to impart wisdom from their previous journeys, to those that are still on their early voyages, but this is not to stop anyone from practicing light work. Light work is a process that benefits humanity and the Earth as a whole. This does not need to be some grand over top gesture every time, something as small as an encouraging word to a random stranger could be seen as light work. It’s about being a whole as a wanderer on this cosmic journey. All of us can benefit from and by using these principles. Each day try doing something nice for someone. Give some encouragement to the barista that just got chewed out by that annoying customer, help someone with loading their groceries into their car, volunteer or donate to your local animal rescue. Let’s all be positive vibe merchants spreading our goods through the universe. Ya get what ya give, ya feel me?

You can order Ty’s book and keep up to date with all of his goings on via his website and you can also find him on Twitter, and as always, for all things Malliard @Malliard via Twitter

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