The Malliard Report

The Fastest Hour in Paranormal Talk Radio

From the far beyond to the close at home, Jim Malliard, the smooth talking host of the “Malliard Report” shows why he’s the Fastest Hour in Paranormal Talk Radio, and why he’s one of the premiere shows to listen to on internet if not the planet.

The Malliard Report entertains its audience with insightful interviews that cover a wide variety of topics ranging from any number of subjects, you can be sure when you tune into the Malliard Report that you get yourself an earful of something that might just grab your fancy.

With celebrity guests that come from all walks of life that include Loyd Aurbach, or even New York Times best selling author Jim Defelice, there’s always someone interesting to listen to. Skeptics, Authors, Paranormal Researchers, Mediums, even other talk show radio personalities, there’s no one involved in Paranormal that Jim Malliard won’t talk to.

And what makes the Malliard Report so special? The fact that our host Jim Malliard loves to talk about more than just plugging a product. He explores the backstories of our guests, hidden stories, and things other host’s are to afraid to touch on. All of that ranging from Secrets, to Paranormal encounters, to the Government, to Aliens and the like. No topic at all is to taboo for our host and our guests to talk about.

If you like Spooky, if you like Creepy, if you like all of that and a mixture of interesting personalities moving from serious, to lighthearted, and back to serious all in one hour then the Malliard Report brings all that, and more to you.

After all, if Jim says bring it on, he’ll bring it on. There’s nothing that he can’t handle.



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