US President with a picture of a Nazi on his desk at the White House?

Yeah, that’s for sure. Okay. So that was one line that, well obviously just jumped off the page. That’s personal interest, but the next one question I’ve got here for you is a little strange that Dwight Eisenhower cap a picture of him on his desk.

Well, I found that in history and um, I, I sourced it. I don’t have the book in front of me, so I, I can’t remember the source, but there, what I do put that in there. Um, there was a, uh, a book that was written that cited that Eisenhower kept a picture of Skorzeny and his White House office. Now, it may not be as unusual as you think. I’m scores a was a well known commando even to Eisenhower, obviously, because there was a during the battle of the bulge during World War II, uh, allied intelligence had reported to general, they didn’t generalize an hour that Skorzeny was being dispatched to assassinate him.

And after the war, you know, when Eisenhower became president, he was probably one of the biggest proponents of using covert warfare, you know, he, he didn’t really want to confront the Russians and communism around the world with open combat. So he, he, uh, went full out, you know, a full court press with a covert warfare. And that’s one of the reasons Skorzeny was brought in.


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