Using the Ouija Board on investigations?

Karen Dahlman:

I see one from Kat w. has she done investigations? If so, how? She is the way to chipboard joint investigation? Yes. I have been involved in investigations. I’ve been involved in a real high profile when uh, it happened on Cielo drive in 1969, but I wasn’t doing it in 1969. I went to it much later in time, but it’s where the horrific murder of Sharon tate and her guests happened. So, um, I was asked to go in there and just to see what I felt and I walked through the whole entire house and I could tell where there is some really cold, I say cold and energies and also I would call it a vortex where a lot of other beings we’re starting to emerge. I brought one of my partners with me. She’s very sensitive and she walked in and just literally almost threw up and I walked in there too and felt nauseous as well. It just was an incredible feeling. We felt. So we walked around the house and went down to the lowest lowest floor and that’s where we both said this is where we need to do our session now. The owner of the house, um, did not tell me anything about where anything happened or where he might’ve saw apparitions of where things were occurring. I just knew this stuff was happening in this house,
so we went to the lowest floor or we did this and we spoke with Sharon tate, a JC bring and also parents. Stevens. And these three were murdered along with, um, the, uh, the coffee Eris and her boyfriend. A lot of people don’t know about steven parents. He was a child. He was a kid, like an 18 year old that was just happened to be the wrong place, wrong time on that street and got shot point blank by the, by the Manson group. Um, so we talked to Sharon and Jay sebring and there was this, there was, they’re sticking around for specific reason. I’m not gonna, I’m not gonna give it away. It’s not for me to give away how, although it is in my book, but they are sticking away, sticking around to have their message told and they said that the owner of the house knows why, and they said the police know why, but they’re not disclosing the, the real reason of why, what really what, what not what happened, but what they’re, their own little secret was that they wanted to be disclosed.
So, but I, but I’ve been involved in other, um, other places that have been haunted as well. I stumbled upon some of myself as well as the others I’ve been invited to. And this is the really cool thing you guys, I want everybody to understand this spirit is nonlocal. So when you’re in other dimensions, it’s not a time space continuum as we have here in the third dimension. And what that means is when you’re using this tool, when you’re reaching into these other realms and dimensions, you’re not bound by time and space. You can investigate, uh, a place that has haunted, supposedly haunted or has some kind of operations or something or visitors without being in that space and you can still tap into it and receive messages from whoever’s there or information about. It’s kind of like remote viewing, but you’re using a Ouija board instead and you’re getting a message messages spelled back. So I’ve done that quite a few times and it’s, um, to me it’s always very interesting and you know, it’s an honor to be able to be involved in stuff like that.


Karen Dahlman

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