Went does UFO disclosure end? How?

Jim Malliard: Well I did some looking afterwards, and you have to make more of a triangle for the next time you’re doing this picture.

The other paranormal question I want to get out of you is, UFO disclosure.

George Noory: Okay.

Jim Malliard: Are we closer than we were? Or are we further away than we were?

George Noory: I have an ongoing discussion with Stephen Bassett from the paradigm research group who has been working on disclosure, and I have known him since 1997, and I told Stephen repeatedly, “It is not going to come from government.” Disclosure will occur when we continue to get whistle-blowers who keep telling us what they know and what they saw, but it is not going to be government. We’re not going to have President Obama come up and have a Rose Garden news conference with aliens flanked on his left and right, telling us what’s going on. It’s just not going to happen that way. Now, are we slowly being prepared for some announcement that there could be life out there? That’s possible, but to me that’s not disclosure. Disclosure is, ‘we’ve been visited,’ ‘people are being abducted,’ ‘things are happening on this planet.’ That’s disclosure. That’s not going to happen like that.

Jim Malliard: Yeah, I personally think it’s going to come from a hacker, but then every time I say that, I hear myself thinking, “Well probably all the stuff in a file somewhere, an actual paper file, and you’re not going to get it from hacking into a database.”

George Noory: They can’t get to it. No, no. Not this stuff.

Jim Malliard: So, that’s what I’m thinking. Like I said, if it’s all in a file on a shelf somewhere, no matter how much you hack, you’re not going to get it.

George Noory: That’s right.

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