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Wes Forsythe – Paranormal Researcher/ Web Host


Guest: Wes Forsythe

What a hugely interesting week this week is for the Malliard Report. While still coming off the high of the George Noory interview, Jim Malliard doesn’t stop or take any breaks, showing why his show is indeed the Fastest Hour in Paranormal Talk radio once more. Continuing on, this week the Malliard Report welcomes out special guest Wes Forsythe of Paranormal Filler, talking about a wide range of topics from his time as a Paranormal Researcher, and as a fellow web host (as well as a tongue in cheek question of whether or not Wes Forsythe might be psychic or not)

As usual on the Malliard Report, our host Jim loves to start off with some light hearted banter, allowing us to get to know the guest a little more, and bring them in as a person instead of simply talking first and foremost about them and their work. This week is no different as we start off the first half of the show discussing with Wes Forsythe about his new website launch, and where he intends to take his own show “Paranormal Filler” in the future, as well as a bit of heartfelt discussion when Jim asks about Wes’s recent loss in his family, and thanks our guest for being a part of his own personal journey. Not only that, but there are also plenty of discussion about Wes Forsythe’s own career, and if there was anyone he’d love to bring onto his show, and the sort of things that he loves to talk about when it comes to guests and everything. While we get to know our guest on a personal level, we also get to a bit of a talk between both our Host and Guest talking about Jim’s interview last week with George Noory, and how it all went for our host, with Wes mentioning how much Jim has changed over the years into the person we all know and love listening to today.

While we come back to the second half of the show, we move on from Wes’s personality, and the kind of person he is to his stint as a paranormal researcher, as well as how he got involved with it originally and what the atmosphere of the field was like early on. With our guest Wes Forsythe and Jim Malliard discussing a whole range of topics that involve Wes’s thoughts on the various different paranormal research tools, techniques and all that include his thoughts o Dowsing, Oujia, as well as technology like digital camera’s and all of that. Not only that, but Jim also asks about our guest’s least favorite tool that any paranormal researcher uses, and listeners and fans of the show should definitely not miss. In fact, maybe those that are paranormal researchers themselves might even agree with.

All in all, it culminates in an especially wonderful show that sadly ends earlier than we wish as usual. At the conclusion though, Jim Malliard takes a moment to speak with us and explains his current journey. Including where the Malliard Report has been, where it was, and where he intends to take it in the future. No matter where the Malliard Report goes from here though, fans of the show know one thing. As long as it doesn’t lose it’s charm, and that spark that makes it special, we’ll always be quacking along wherever the Malliard Report goes.