What do you think about MUFON?

Because I have my own opinions and I will probably get back to therm but as you’ve been through this what do you think about Mufon? Being an outsider.

Mufon yes so Mufon is intriguing me, I didn’t know anything about it till I got to this book, Chuck has I would say a mixed opinion about Mufon I mean hes a member of it and his sister who’s a big character in the book is one of the directors and shes high up in the Mufon organization Chuck has concerns about it he felt strongly that he didn’t know where the information was going he didn’t feel like it had laboratory or anybody who could analyze things that they were good at gathering information but not good at the next step: what to do with it and he had some serious questions about sort of the relationship with different places. I personally don’t have any real opinion one way or the other about Mufon I don’t…

[15:11] Oh come on say something one way or the other

[15:16]I really don’t and I think that it is great that there is an organization looking into this I feel like you know a grass roots effort to investigate UFO’s and sightings is important and great and its awesome. So in that respect I think its a very positive thing. But you know I don’t I don’t know if its got enough you know people who can analyze this stuff or who are involved I mean the idea of a government sponsored project is intriguing to me if its done right because the resources are there. And a private company doing it right is also intriguing because you know if they have to resources and the interest but you really do need good resources to analyze this stuff you need a laboratory if something crashes and you find something you really need it for ruling things out. Listen 99.9 percent of this stuff is going to be explained away its either going to be some sort of military experiment, its going to be some sort of trick of the light, some sort of weather balloon, or whatever you want it to be. Its that .001 percent of events that is going to be something you want to look twice at. So you need a way to sort of shift through all this if its ever going to be taken seriously or if its ever going to reach that next step so you need money or organizations but you do also need grassroots people who are close to the event getting there first so I think a mixture of the two can work. There are relationships that Mufon had with Bigalo I think was good initially and could have led to better things.

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