What do your tweets say about you?

 Yeah, I was going to say it. I’m sitting here thinking as I have my phone handy. How does the quote unquote tech speak change all of this. I’m sure this is frustrating to you because you both actually, as you know, as everything gets shorter, it narrows the margin of error, so to speak. Right?

Well, you’d actually be surprised. Oh, linguists have done things such as, well, let’s look at tweets that people tweet from all over the US and yeah, it’s probably going to be all pretty homogenous and won’t be able to tell where anybody from anymore. Right. But it turns out that actually regional dialect differences actually do perpetuate in social media space, in check in tweets. Um, I think that that’s, that’s very interesting. And also studies of things such as do, people who text other people, can you tell who’s doing it or maybe somebody kidnap you, saw your phone and they’re pretending to be used something like this. Can we tell as a linguist and actually you can people actually believe it or not, even in short little tech has their own distinctive style of testing, but which is very fascinating. You wouldn’t think that would happen. But um, but it does.
So this is right when he says that geographic barriers have a lot to do with why there are different dialects, why different individuals speak differently, but a lot of it is also your group identity and your personal sense of identity. And that’s why we all have. Many of us have the same type of phone use, the same technology, but we develop a distinctive style with our social group and even our, you know, myself as an individual because we like to be distinguished by our language among the other ways of distinguishing ourselves or setting ourselves apart.

James Fitzgerald and Natalie Schilling

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